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Our Market Research service provides comprehensive and insightful analysis of market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies. With a team of experienced professionals and access to extensive data sources, we are able to provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date information to make informed business decisions. Our formal approach ensures that all findings are presented in a clear and concise manner, allowing our clients to easily understand and apply the research to their specific needs.


In the first paragraph, we introduce our Market Research service and highlight its key features. We emphasize our expertise in analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies, which are essential for businesses to stay competitive in today’s dynamic market. We also mention our team of experienced professionals and access to extensive data sources, showcasing our capabilities in providing accurate and up-to-date information. Finally, we mention our formal approach, which ensures that the research findings are presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for our clients to understand and apply the research to their specific needs.


In the second paragraph, we further elaborate on the benefits of our Market Research service. We explain that our comprehensive analysis helps clients make informed business decisions, highlighting the importance of having accurate and up-to-date information in today’s fast-paced business environment. We also emphasize our formal tone of voice, which adds credibility and professionalism to our research findings. By presenting the research in a clear and concise manner, we make it easier for our clients to understand and apply the insights to their specific business needs, ultimately helping them achieve their goals.

Vox Talk

Being confronted with long and independent presentations can be a torture – we all have or had to suffer from this in our work life.

Our Vox-Talk reports are a multimedia adventure to move your team members or clients and be totally engrossed.

​It’s for everyone really, but maybe especially people who like multimedia - audio, movies or videos.

We bring knowledge to life, and make it rich with a mixture of video snippets, memorable key points, photos, audio, graphics, animatics and music – all cut together, well arranged and put-in-sense, by our experts.


Have you ever pondered why so many valuable research results end up on a company’s PowerPoint-graveyard without ever being implemented?

Co-creation means putting the customer in the driver’s seat and working together with company patrons directly to create mutually valued ideas. It is an exciting way to increase the impact of results and improve the way they are implemented into strategies and tactics.

This process enables faster and more active translation of customer needs into customer focused strategies. Add fresh thoughts to the mix to get a different perspective and develop more innovative approaches. 

For true innovation + 'impact'!

Online Discussion Board

Online Bulletin Boards, a digital research technique enables participation in a qualitative discussion over consecutive days OBB discussions are conducted via. highly interactive and engaging ‘Message boards’ via. multimedia support.

OBBs have interactive advantages of facilitating Depth Interviews/Group Discussions with the efficiencies and response validity of online interviewing technology.

OBB Features & Benefits:

•Activity based workflow

•Multimedia responses

•True Multilingual Support

•Client Dashboard

•Facilitates Analysis & Reporting

•Convenient Participation


I-Call Cloud

Thinking Hats is house to a state of the art CATI workshop and offers skilled interviewers who are well-versed with conducting surveys across categories.

Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews facilitate diverse researches like Consumer Satisfaction Studies, Content Evaluation, Mystery Audits to name a few.

The benefit of our in-house CATI team enables seamless project execution, customized probing and immediate course correction (if any).


- High Accessibility

- Good Quality Control

- Diverse cohorts

- Quick Data Processing and Handling

- Time-Constrained Interviews

- Competitive Pricing

- Economical

APPtitude - Our proprietary Mobile & Online Gateway

Everyday life insights wherever, whenever.

Thinking Hats' interactive portal - APPtitude - makes that happen.

With an estimate of 760 million smartphones users in 2021 (India) and an estimated 3.8 billion users worldwide, it would be unwise to not utilize this device that connects them to the world. 

Mobile/Online research allows companies to collect fast, validated, rich insights directly from consumers and Thinking Hats is at the forefront of maintaining a strong panel of consumers.


The advantages - 

  • Direct from Consumers

  • Fast Data Collection

  • 100% Validated

  • Rich Answers with Multimedia

  • In-the-Moment Answers

  • Granularity & Targeting

  • Real-time Access

  • Engagement and Rewards

  • Confidentiality 


APPtitude is a portal that provides an important link between businesses and consumers. Go ahead, download the Thinking Hats App from Google play store here.

To join our online panel, click here.

Social Metadata

While the whole world lives online (metaphorically) every other minute, make the most of what your consumers say about your brand.

Listen to them patiently and boost brand engagement multifold.

Get actionable insights into the performance of your social media campaigns and content.

Use social listening to analyse brand mentions across diverse social platforms.


In tandem with our market research proficiencies, our social listening expertise brings forth everything that you need to hear!


Have a great product, service, show… but don’t know what your audience thinks of it?

Launched a promo or a marketing campaign, but don’t know what is working and what is not working?

If research takes up valuable time, it's time to Optimize!

Optimize is more than facts and numbers. It gives a description of fictive, but realistic reasons– based on qualitative and quantitative research.

​​​So, go ahead.. Optimize your content.

Interface Research

Our UI/UX Research Solutions empower businesses to design user-centric products and services. We help our partners assess user needs, behavior, environment and challenges.

Hybrid research methodologies provide clear and actionable insights aiding businesses to craft delightful yet meaningful digital experiences.

Our UI/UX research strategies address business objectives revolving around:

Usability Testing – Observe how real users interact with your product

Ethnographic Research – Studying user needs in their environments

Competitor Analysis – Understand competitor product design and strategy

Journey Maps – A real time map of your user’s experience

Eye Tracking
Our eye tracking systems is designed to help you enjoy a slew of benefits. We test all types of interfaces including:

Websites: E-commerce

Mobile: Apps, e-readers, tablets, games and more

Kiosks: POS, terminals etc.

Software: VR games, applications etc.

Diverse eye tracking services we offer:

Live viewing - Quickly learn what catches your user’s attention and where do they look when interacting with your products. Gauge their navigation journey on your Website/App

Story Telling - Eye tracking can significantly improve your creative storytelling and interactive design. Using the gaze behavior data, you can extract better performance.

Heat Maps - Know how your users look at your website or app using heat maps. It helps you understand the standout features on your product that captures the maximum attention

Interactive Gameplay - Unlock new interactions and mechanics of gameplay with eye tracking for your next video game. Characters in the game will follow the protagonist’s gaze and even go and examine where the main character will be looking

Digital Diary

A diary study is a contextual & qualitative research methodology used to capture user behaviors, activities and experiences.

It is user generated where participants showcase their experience in form of videos, images or text.

Digital Diary offers non-invasive insights into the consumer’s day-to-day lives.

Often applied to longitudinal or cross-sectional researches to gauge behavior across cohorts and geographies.
This gives everyone a real feel of the consumer experience and help to uncover tensions between what we think people do and what they actually do.


- Undermedicated Online Assessments : An in-depth understanding of the consumer’s product usage journey in an un-biased environment

- Behavioral Insights: Gauge consumer’s direct interaction with diverse brands/products and provide behavioral data

- Diary Log: Creates a record of consumer’s daily interaction with the interface for a set period of time

- Multimedia Output : A set of videos, images will provide easy access to insights


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