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NEW : The Gen Z Way of Life

Roughly, anyone born between 1995-2010 is collectively called as Generation Z. 

Gen Z are the youngest members of the workforce and those who are at the start of beginning their career journey. They are spending money on products, services and solutions that you produce, provide and create. There is already so much being said about them, but one thing is for certain, they cannot be ignored any longer. 

Thinking Hats captures the nuances of this dynamic psycho graphic in India via Qualitative research.

Education 4.0 :
Parents have their reservations about a holistic learning environment for their children in the digital schooling era. 
The 'Fifth Meal' Revelation : 
Change in lifestyle and sleep patterns have led a variety of change in food habits. Learn about excessive consumption, immunity boosters and the changing definition of 'healthy foods'
Insurance as Protection :
Consumers report a high rise in the intention to buy health insurance products in a post pandemic world
Diversification :
How brands can benefit from the opportunity in crisis
'Reward Buying' Behaviour sees surge in online shopping :
Revenge buying' or 'Reward buying' behaviour is a common phenomenon following a deprived state. What does this mean for brands in a deflated economy?
Product Buying Behavior During lock down : 
Uncover the relative importance of different food categories in the consumers stocking patterns
Social Media Influencers in India :
Micro Influencers give India's Top Fashion, Fitness, Kid, Gaming, Food, Chef, Tech, Automobile and Finance Influencers, a run for their money
Fitness & Wellness Platforms :
Awareness, consumption and regularity of usage in India
India Unlocks
An in-depth and ingenious reports that tracks the Willingness Index to engage in various activities post COVID
Cleaning Agents:
What are the natural agents perceived to enhance cleaning credibility?
Branding : 
Riding the wave of Corona Marketing
Conscious consumption of Dairy : 
Variety seekers looking for innovative milk based drinks. What does this mean for branded and unbranded distributors in the country?
Vocal for Local :
Strong sentiment of support - but do people really understand the true meaning of 'Local'?
Change in Habits : 
From rise in digital work spaces to perfecting home and personal grooming
Top 10 trends that will transform the Retail Sector
Top trends to watch out for in the Food & Catering Industry
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