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Our proprietary
Mobile & Online Gateway

Everyday life insights wherever, whenever.

Thinking Hats' interactive portal - APPtitude - makes that happen.

With an estimate of 760 million smartphones users in 2021 (India) and an estimated 3.8 billion users worldwide, it would be unwise to not utilize this device that connects them to the world. 

Mobile/Online research allows companies to collect fast, validated, rich insights directly from consumers and Thinking Hats is at the forefront of maintaining a strong panel of consumers.


The advantages - 

  • Direct from Consumers

  • Fast Data Collection

  • 100% Validated

  • Rich Answers with Multimedia

  • In-the-Moment Answers

  • Granularity & Targeting

  • Real-time Access

  • Engagement and Rewards

  • Confidentiality 


APPtitude is a portal that provides an important link between businesses and consumers. Go ahead, download the Thinking Hats App from Google play store here.

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